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Our Forever Garden Hemp Mulch is a superior, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional mulches made from materials like wood or plastic. It comes in a 4 Cubic Feet bag. 

The fibers in hemp mulch are renowned for being 50% more absorbent than regular mulch, and 4 times more absorbent than regular straw, with a better pH balance. It is also an excellent insulator, which will hold heat during the winter, and keep cool in the summer.

Hemp mulch is weed and pest resistant, making for less upkeep of your plants. It also breaks down faster, making it easier to turn over and add more during seasonal transitions.

Benefits of hemp mulch:

  • Sustainable, hemp is an annual, not a wood product
  • Half inch of hemp insulates more than 2-3” of straw
  • Straw blows away in wind and is can poke your skin
  • Uses less for much more coverage
  • Regular mulch and straw can have seeds, pesticides and herbicides
  • Readily composts while taking 1-1.5 years to decompose if used as mulch
  • Hemp is 4x more absorbent than straw
  • It's light color reflects sunlight for cooler temperatures during high heat days
  • Low dust


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