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Soil Calculation

Multiple Configurations:
Forever Garden Beds kits are easy to assemble and can transform any backyard garden to your liking! Check out the configurations for each size:

2x8 Configurations
4x8 Configurations

*** For 4ft x 8ft size beds come with supporting rods.

 Long Lasting Material and Quality:

The raised bed is coated with Aluzinc metal which extend the lifespan of the raised bed compared to wood or galvanized steel.

Elevated Raised Bed, Reduce Back Strain, and Grow Healthy Roots:
The elevated raised bed reduces the strain of bending down and allowing more comfort while gardening, providing plenty of room for healthy roots to develop and better water drainage.

No Soil Contamination:
Unlike other brands of raised beds made of chemically treated wood or plastic, Aluzinc does not harm or leach into the garden soil, making it a safer choice for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Safety First:
An oval design with no sharp corners, the rubber safety strip over its edges provides superior protection from injury.


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