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Elevate Your Seed Starting Game with the Genesis Self-Watering Seed Starting Kit! 

Introducing the ultimate solution for successful seed starting - the Genesis Seed Starting Kit! Get ready to witness your seedlings thrive like never before in this user-friendly kit.

🌿 Easy-Care and Foolproof: Say goodbye to the worries of overwatering or underwatering. Our self-watering system ensures your plants receive the perfect amount of moisture, precisely when they need it. Experience worry-free watering and watch your seedlings flourish!

💧 No More Guesswork: The integrated reservoir allows plants to draw water as needed, maintaining optimal hydration levels. Forget about the hassle of constant monitoring - your plants will thank you for the consistent care!

🧼 Hassle-Free Maintenance: Designed with convenience in mind, every component of this kit is dishwasher-safe. Easily clean and sterilize the extra-sturdy leak-proof reservoir, platform, and planting cell tray between uses. The capillary mat and germination cover are reusable too, ensuring you save time and resources.

🌿 Ultimate Versatility: Use the capillary mat to provide just the right amount of moisture during germination, and watch your seeds come to life under the clear germination cover. The support platform doubles as a seedling ejector, adding to the practicality of this all-in-one kit.

 Discover the Specifications:

🌱 24-Cell Seed Starter: Designed with dimensions of 14-3/4" Length  x 9-1/4" Width x 2-1/4" Height, this seed starter accommodates 3 quarts of seed starting mix, ensuring ample space for your plants to flourish.

🌿 Perfect Cell Dimensions: Each cell is precisely 2" Length  x 2" Width x 2-1/4" Height, creating an ideal nurturing environment for your seedlings.

🔮 Germination Dome: The 2-1/4" H germination dome offers the perfect balance of humidity, safeguarding your seeds during their crucial germination phase.

💧 Water Reservoir: Our kit features a water reservoir with a 10-cup capacity (24-cell kit), providing consistent hydration for your growing plants.


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